We asked apartment renters about lessons learned when renting and here are some of the responses we received. Keep these handy tips in mind when searching.


Brandon- “See the inside of the apartment you are actually getting, not the demo!!”

Daniel- “Measure the door way to see if the furniture you have will fit through it.”

Levi- “Take pictures of walls, carpets, everything to show the condition it’s in when you occupy the apartment. You may need them if your landlord tries to withhold your security deposit when you vacate for “damage” you didn’t cause.”

Andrew- “When looking at the model, ask if the apartment you were quoted has the same amenities (not all apartments get upgrades).”

Tirey- “Read that lease!”

Russell- “Check the bathroom tile and grout… no guest likes a gross bathroom and clean dirt is still dirt…”

Steven- “Make a test call in the apartment to ensure there is adequate cell service”

1. Visit during rush hours to see how long elevators take. Living up high may get quite annoying stopping on every floor
2. Try and pick a unit that backs up to a stairwell or elevator or structural support to prevent neighbors noise”