Living the roommate life can be extremely trying and difficult if you’re not living with a bunch of saints! Most situations begin with the honeymoon phase where you’re all stoked on cooking and hanging out together, and then it comes crashing down. One of the roommates is the quintessential hoarder, the other is a compulsive liar, and the other steals your food! You’ve lived the irritations, so now it’s time to pick roommates you can, you know, actually live with!

At Apartment Locator Online, finding good roommates may be even harder than finding an apartment! Once you’ve found a roomie squad, browse the apartments for rent in Houston and find a place you’ll all love.

Still need some tips on finding roommates? Keep reading…

Avoid The. Worst. Roommate. Ever With These Tips!

This is not a drill, you need to prepare before signing a rental lease with anyone! This isn’t Friends and most likely you’re all psychotic in your own way! Consider these tips when looking for new roommates.

BFF or No BFF?

This is the age-old question: should you live with your best friend? Married people live with their best friend, but considering half of all marriages end in divorce, maybe you shouldn’t live with your best friend! Just because you enjoy hanging out with someone, doesn’t mean they’ll make a good roommate. Don’t sacrifice a friendship just for the sake of a friendship. On the hand, moving in with a stranger may actually be advantageous because you won’t have to walk on eggshells or avoid difficult conversations just to spare the relationship.

Same-Sex? Opposite Sex?

This is another question to get straight on, do you want to live co-ed or with the same sex? Really think about it and ask people who’ve had experiences with both. The topic of sex is rarely discussed with roommates, but you might want to talk about ground rules and if you’re prepared to hear the sounds of sex from the roommate who brings home a new person nightly! You also have to consider the potential bathroom conflict and those with SOs (significant others).

Ask The Hard-Hitting Questions

Begin with questions like, “do you only eat organic,” or “do you honor the namaste in me?” are perfectly great questions, but get a little more Lester Holt and ask the tougher questions. Ask about the person’s work schedule, if they partake in drugs or alcohol or smoking, if and often they like to party, if they mind sharing household items, what their current financial state is.

Find An Apartment That Works

When there is shared space, it’s important that all of you agree on a space that works with the needs of everyone. Consider where the bathroom and kitchen are, and how spread out the bedrooms are. Look for an open plan, and perhaps a complex that has a community room or gym in case you need to escape the madness once in a while!

It’s true, Apartment Locator can’t find you a Three’s Company type of roommate situation, but we can find you an amazing Houston location. Browse our rental listings today!