Is this the year you’re finally hosting a frightening Halloween party after the apartment search from hell? If you’re holed up in a small apartment, you may have some concerns, but there is no reason you can’t throw a huge party in your small space! Read on to find the top tips and tricks to maximize even the smallest space. Make everyone feel comfortable and ready to party!

Rearrange the furniture, you know, to make room for the ghosts!

If you plan on having a lot of people in your apartment, you’ll want to rearrange! Move furniture to the corners and close to the edge of your space, also do this with coffee tables and such. Create as much room in the middle for a table, or other seating options!

For a spooky feel, play with lighting! Replace regular light bulbs with colored bulbs, in red or purple. Dim the lighting and light black and white candles for added ambiance!

Unless you’re going for a Hell-themed party, watch the temperature!

A lot of people in a small, confined space equals a rise in temperature! Luckily, October is well into the cooler Fall weather, but be mindful and crack a couple of windows or turn on some fans for airflow!

Cook all your snacks ahead of time to avoid turning on the oven and using appliances.

For an added haunt, fasten homemade ghosts to the corners and ceilings, so when there is a breeze they move!

Play all the Halloween themed music!

An easy way to create an eerie vibe is by playing the soundtrack to The Exorcist or making a playlist with Thriller, Monster Mash, Ghost Screams, and Dracula! Nothing will put a chill up your spine much like spooky sounds!

Keep the decor simple!

A simple way to decorate for halloween in a small space is placing cobwebs everywhere! Incorporate all the classics, but with a space-saving twist. Carve pumpkins, but put snacks inside, fill jars with hair-raising specimens; jello-shot eyes, or white-chocolate covered strawberry ghosts!

Drape cheesecloth on tables lit with glow sticks or scatter bones!

Have guests place their belongings in the Ted Bundy Bungalow!

The bungalow is a designated place for guests to drop coats and purses, but while they’re away, Ted Bundy might sift through their belongings and find his next victim to stalk!!!

Don’t let trash stack up!

Trash can easily pile up when you encourage disposable plates and cutlery. Instead, craft drink tags and plate markers, so guests can reuse their things all night long!

The drink tags and plate markers can be elaborate as tiny tombstones or simply using chalk paint and having them mark their names.

Are you in the Halloween spirit yet?

Start prepping and planning for the monster bash of the the year! If your lease is up and need an apartment now, contact Apartment Locator Online for the most current listings!