In our last blog, we touched upon the best things to do to stay active in Houston. If you have other ideas on how to spend your time, other than working out, Houston has the best nightlife scene around. If you’re relocating to Houston and enjoy getting to know people, our apartment finder can set you up right in the heart of downtown Houston! Downtown Houston is brimming with the best food and and signature cocktails around, and equally important, there are many apartment locations that you can walk to the best-of-the-best in Houston for a night out on the town.

Houston boasts variety

The nightlife is not created equal for everyone and for those who partake in the city at night when most are snuggled and in bed, can explore the facets of Houston’s scene. On any night in Houston, you can find anywhere from a honky tonk bar like Gilley’s from the movie Urban Cowboy, sports bars, high-energy nightclubs, to relaxing wine bars.

The boozy nightlife in Houston

13 Celsius – Where did they ever get their name? 13 celsius is actual optimal temperature for storing wine! Meet your friends for a relaxing evening in midtown Houston and cozy up in the open-aired courtyard with a limited-production white they have procured.

160ft Beerworks – This brewery is located in downtown Houston and offer four beers on tap at a time, and the on-tap beer in ever revolving and experimenting, keeping the beer enthusiast guessing what they’ll brew next.

The active nightlife – nightclubs

Barbarella – Mingle with strangers and dance the night away at this nightclub located in midtown. Barbarella is known for its music, as it is owned and operated by two DJs with decades of experience. If you’re into indie music,both current and from the past, this nightclub will jive well with you.

Club 2020 – This club is just east of downtown housed in an art deco movie theater. Any one is invited to dance to the heavily spun hip-hop and house music, but it specifically caters to the gay club scene.

Sports bars –

Bar Munich – This bar in midtown creates an Oktoberfest daily! Imbibe in the “Munich Bomb” and watch soccer matches as this sports bar fuses European sports into their appeal. It’s a non-traditional spin on sports in the saturated scene of football and basketball.

Biggio’s – If you’re looking for traditional, Biggio’s provides all of that. Founded by Houston Astros Hall of Famer Craig Biggio. Meet before the game and after for the best food and televised sports games.

Country Western –

Boots ‘n Shoots – This country western bar offers a traditional whisky and honky tonk vibe. When you’re there try a signature cocktail such as “Bless Your Heart” or “All Hat, No Cattle.”

Firehouse Saloon – You’ll need your cowboy boots for this country western joint. Enjoy live country music and relax with a cold beer. If you like to party with your work people, they offer deals for corporate and private parties!

Houston truly has some of the best nightlife around! Get adventurous and explore it all! Start your apartment search now with Apartment locator, and get here next week!

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