Do you melt into luxurious and sensual things where everything in your space is personalized and no small detail is spared? If you’re accustomed to apartment living, you know you can’t always choose what your bathroom is going to be like. It may be beautiful and up-to-date, or you may have to put a little sweat-equity and creative spin on it. Whatever your bathroom looks like, there is always a solution to make it better and an amalgamation of all your favorite things.  

Houston is a spirited city drawing amazing restaurant and bars, and creating a lifestyle that everyone who moves here wants to live. Find apartments to rent in Houston with Apartment Locator and create a spa bathroom for self-care that feels more like self-indulgent!

A Spa Sanctuary — In Your Apartment!

Create a space where stress and the remains of the day can evaporate and be enveloped by the things that you love most.

It starts with scent.

Our memories and the ethereal part of us are tied to scent, so choose a scent that helps to relax and calm you. This can be a clearing eucalyptus or lavender vanilla that mimics a natural aromatherapy spa. Take it a step further and find dried or fresh eucalyptus or lavender and hang it in bundles around your bathroom.

Cover the floor.

It’s not glamorous, but if you have less-than-desirable bathroom flooring, find rugs that you love. Pay attention to the tactile aspects and find one — or more — that is beautiful and soft.

Get the luxury towels.

Towels are underrated — they’re something most of us use on a daily basis, but we tend to opt for what’s cheapest. The easiest way to replicate a spa-like environment is to buy the luxury towels. Make sure they have it all — fluffiness, softness, and absorbability! Turkish towels are very trendy right now and add ambiance to the room, so up your spa game and get a few!

Add small accents.

No spa would be complete without the soft lighting from candles. Add a few candles in unique holders and sprinkle in some inviting pieces. This can be your prayer flags from your travels in Asia or a sculpture from a local artist.

Bring life into the space.

When you add plants you add life! Find fun succulent arrangements or sprawling plants that can cascade from a shelf or window.

Add a stylish side table.

A side table is the perfect accouterment to your bath salts or bath oil. It creates ambiance and instantly adds luxury and sensuality.

Clear the clutter.

This is one of the most important aspects of your apartment spa because you really only want to see the drawing and alluring things, so when your toothpaste-crusted toothbrush or hair products are splattered across the sink, it’s an immediate red flag to vacate the premises. Make your space inviting and clear the clutter.

Though you don’t get to choose your apartment bathroom you can still make it a refuge for relaxing. By doing a couple of small, relatively inexpensive things, you too can have an apartment spa.

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