The old adage exclaims “April showers, bring May flowers,” and nothing is more fitting than a Houston rain storm that brings torrential precipitation leaving the only choice of hunkering down spending your afternoon indoors.

Imagine the lovely grey covering, that illuminates greens, with everything appearing more pristine because of the water that makes all things look fresh and new. Imagine it now from the top floor apartment of the Catalyst apartment building in downtown Houston. The beautiful floor plans offer floor-to-ceiling windows, perfect for peering into the rainy day.

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How to Create a Rainy Day Retreat

Hunker down in your apartment and start your rainy day off right — with coffee. Stay pajama bound, slip on some knee-highs for warmth, and wander the wood into the kitchen. Create the best cup of coffee by brewing your favorite beans in your french press. Once the coffee is done brewing, meander to your favorite comfy chair by the couch and snuggle up with your favorite cashmere blanket while you watch the rain from the window. It’s here that you can begin to dream and beckon your magic. The rain delivers a cleansing that allows your thoughts and dreams to come alive if only journaled on paper. Your creativity has been awakened — follow the path and create your magic.

Spend the rest of your day slowly moving through the ebb and flow of the storm — read, make a beautiful lunch, and relax with your favorite show. When the storm ceases, gather yourself and the alchemy you conceived, and greet tomorrow to manifest what you created in the rain!

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