Even though you may be renting an apartment, decorating your space speaks to your personality and the things you love and deem important, so it’s important to cultivate an aesthetic to create the exact kind of environment you want to live in. Apartment living, however, can impart some strict rules that make creating a space that is yours difficult, such as the inability to nail pictures or paint your walls.

Crafting an apartment that is yours is something Apartment Locator in Houston values, and we want to work with you to find a good fit that is mutually beneficial for both parties. Other apartment finder websites don’t always value the individual and just seek to fill vacancies, but we’re here to work with you. Join us in today’s post for creative alternatives when you’re not allowed to paint walls.

Creating a Masterpiece, Sans Paint

Not being able to paint may seem like a complete bummer, but it affords you the opportunity to really get creative. Below are some starting points to help get your creativity flowing!

Create a gallery.

The opposite of painting is hanging pictures, right? I know what you’re thinking, “I can’t hang pictures either,” but indeed you can. Walls hardware has come a long way, as there are now command hooks that you can peel and stick the wall that holds various weights. Thrift fun and unique frames and add colorful art to them.

Add color in your furniture.

If you already have colorful furniture or have a little wiggle room in your budget to purchase some new things, fashion your apartment with a brightly colored furniture and accents. Get that bright velvet pink chair you’ve had your eye on, or the chartreuse throw that is begging to be displayed on your couch.

Hang a beautiful textile.

Hanging fabric is the next best thing to painting, and it might even be better! You can find intricate tapestries or if there is a color you’re going for, measure out the wall and buy the fabric to fit it. You can also find wall decals that stick to your walls and come in fun patterns and colors.

Create large pieces of art.

Go to your local home improvement store and buy a large piece of plywood (or wood of choice) and paint it up! You could stick with a solid color, or add your favorite quote. When it’s finished, lean it against the wall.

Hang twinkle lights.

If you have an area you want to feature such as a group of photos or corner area, hang twinkle lights. The twinkle lights add an altar-type feel, without the religion. The lights create a focal point and give the room a very soft, inviting feel.

Use rugs.

Rugs are a great way to incorporate color because you can find them in endless colors and patterns. Have fun and get creative with them.

If you’ve been inspired to create a space that’ll beg you to stay home more often than not, then work with us at Apartment Locator Houston. We help you find local apartments for rent with the most current and updated listings.

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