If you’re residing in Houston the weather is much more humid compared to other states, so you can’t blame your dust problems on the dry weather, and before you comb through the Houston rental listings looking for a new place that isn’t such a dust trap, take our considerations on the best way to remove dust from your apartment!

At Houston Apartment Locator Online, we are your premier choice for local apartments to rent as our listings are continuously updated and true to what is on the site, so if you have dust problems don’t search just yet and follow along for the best tips to get rid of dust!

(Apartment) Dust in the Wind

Keeping an apartment space clean, tidy, and dust-free takes time, consistency, and a little sweat equity to keep things from falling to the wayside, and oftentimes, it seems futile. Don’t let your dusting practices go just yet because not only does it keep the aesthetics of your home looking fresh and crisp, it also keeps us healthier by reducing the allergies we experience within the space.

Maybe you dust on a weekly basis and the particles just love to re-acclimate, or maybe you’ve been doing it wrong the whole time! Here are two common ways that invite dust and all its friends right back in!

  • You’re using the wrong products and tools – Perhaps you’re dusting with anything you can find — a paper towel, a sock, or an old t-shirt; while all of these things do the job, they’re not ideal. Don’t just spread the dust around, like a feather duster, and use materials that grasp the dust, such as a microfiber or electrostatic duster. The dust happily clings to the dusters and is gone, for now! Using products such as compressed air is a wonderful, albeit easy, way to dust small areas such as electronic devices. You can also use furniture polish for wood, but it doesn’t necessarily prevent dust, but it will give your home a nice smell and prevent scratching.
  • Order of operations matters – Just like back in school math class and PEMDAS, the proper order of operations matters for dusting. Even with the right equipment, if you fail to do things in the proper order, you’ll just create more dust, and this could be a reason you’re living in a mini Sahara desert! If you’re going to vacuum, do it first as the vacuum kicks up dust and particles straight into the air only for them to settle onto your bookshelf and entertainment stand. Once you’ve addressed your floors, always dust from top to bottom. Start with light fixtures and ceiling fans while moving to side tables and vents.

Are you going about dusting all wrong and is that why it clings to your Houston apartment so dramatically? The answers to your dusting problems are in how you’re going about it, so dust the right way! Use the proper tools and products while adhering to the strict dusting order of operations!

There is no need to change locations and go through the hassles of moving just because your house is dusty, however, if you need a larger space or top floor views, use Apartment Locator Online Houston for the best and most current listings!