There are many ways to locate your new apartment nowadays. With the Internets help, you can either browse through listings on sites such as Craigslist, Greensheets, or you can take the time to seek out an experienced apartment locator. Which is the best way to find an apartment you’ll love throughout your entire lease term?

Scrolling through listings gives you the opportunity to see everything that is out there. This means that you will have to take the time to sort through the listings to see which properties are good vs. bad. What distinguishes a good apartment from a bad apartment? Is the area that you are searching desirable? Is the price that you are being quoted reasonable for the area? Can you find something better for the same price? Are you taking advantage of all the specials and incentives given to get the best price available? Do the pictures online match what you will see in person? How is the property management? Do they fix issues that arise in a timely manner? What are the qualification to be accepted? Do you meet the qualifications or will you be denied and lose your application fees?

There are many questions that you cannot find the answer to just by looking online. That is why I believe seeking out a local apartment locator is the best route when trying to find your new home. Apartment locators offer more of a personal touch that just cannot be written in code for computers to duplicate.

We have experience when it comes to locating the perfect apartment and we know how to get you into an apartment you’ll love. Going through the process of finding a Houston apartment every day, we have learned all the right questions to ask. We have personally visited the properties we recommend and know what they look like in person versus what is displayed online. We have placed tons of clients and get their feedback after their lease ends to find out how their stay was and if the property management company did a good job of taking care of their needs. The list goes on.

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