Though hurricane season is technically over — in Texas hurricane season is June 1 through November 30 — it’s always a great time to refresh your knowledge after the devastation we saw this past September. If you’re looking for apartments to rent in Houston and are new to the area, these hurricane safety tips may come in handy.

Safety as a standard

When you move into your new apartment it’s easy to get swept into decorating and organizing it, but before you tackle any of that, set safety as a standard in your new dwelling. Create an emergency kit that you keep in a consistent spot like on top of your refrigerator or in the hall closet. Consider the basics here: items such as a first-aid kit, batteries, a flashlight, solar blanket, a phone charger, and a rechargeable radio. In your kitchen, keep an emergency food kit with three days of non-perishable food and water, a can opener, cutlery, and things to eat on.

If you have a family, create a safety plan with information on where to meet if seperated and where to exit in the apartment building if there is a fire. This is a great time to get neighborly and communicate with those living in units around you, your safety plan and involve them in any way that fits.

Don’t overlook safety in the excitement of moving, because the more prepared you are, the better off you’ll be in a real emergency situation.

Apartment safety in the face of a hurricane

Hurricanes usher violent winds, massive amounts of rain, and rage from the waters, so being prepared is hugely important to your safety. Like the safety tips we mentioned above, always have food and water on hand — especially if you’re expecting a storm. Find your emergency plan and locate the nearest shelter and how you’re going to get there. Oftentimes when there is an influx of water and flooding, driving your vehicle isn’t an option — but put a full tank of gas in your car just in case. Consider buying a inflatable raft and paddle for that purpose, or at best, a personal flotation device (life vest).

If you end up being apartment bound and unable to leave, you can do things to keep you safe.

Understand and know your surroundings – If you’re new to the area or apartment complex, it’s only to your benefit to get to know your surroundings. It’s good to know get your bearings in case you have to navigate it in tough weather or at night.

Look over your insurance coverage – A hurricane often results in flooding, so if you’re at a garden level (first floor) apartment you may want to either invest in renter’s insurance or understand what your insurance covers. This is a great time to take inventory of all your valuable items — this means documenting and taking pictures. If there is time, move priceless and valuable items to a safe place, or store them as high as possible.

Be prepared – If you’re unable to evacuate (if an evacuation was issued), be prepared to wait it out. Find a windowless space — a bathroom or kitchen — and have your emergency kit with you. Stay as calm as possible and listen to the radio for any updates.

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