You’ve scoured over the rental listings for longer than anyone would like to admit, but now you’ve found the perfect apartment!  The new space is within your budget, in a trendy Houston neighborhood, and within walking distance to your work! The only downside is the downsize; it’s smaller than what you’re used to. It’s time turn from the borderline hoarder, to the KonMari expert. Letting go of the items you’ve collected year after year is tough; somewhere in there lies an emotional connection or memory.

KonMari and letting go

KonMari is a concept from the decluttering diva, Marie Kondo. The teachings come from her manual The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, inspiring minimalism among your belongings. Her manual has prompted readers to purge and throw away their unneeded items, and to move towards, and embrace all things related to organization. For most, this clearing benefits us both emotionally and physically.

KonMari, in its simplicity, asks the person to go through items of excess (clothing, appliances, shoes, etc) and hold each item and ask if it “sparks joy.” If it does indeed spark joy, you keep the item, if it does not, you get rid of it.

Implementing KonMari in your apartment

In KonMari, it is believed a well-organized closet should be able to hold many items and have enough room for two people; hopefully more! As you work through this process, you might even discover more available space, but don’t let it tempt you into buying more things! Be mindful of the space and appreciate the emptiness.

Not only do we hold onto clothes, but we hold onto papers. Papers from yesteryear, maybe even from childhood! KonMari suggests recycling the old papers to help maintain the tidiness of your office, especially in a small office or tiny apartment.

Contrary to what we’ve been taught, KonMari does not want piles. Instead, the suggestion is storing items vertically, specifically in drawers, so you are able to see everything. Folding small items, such as stockings and socks, is also another idea for KonMari, but take note to roll your socks to preserve the elastic.

Another approach to your belongings is to organize them by color, along with using boxes of all shapes and sizes, to organize small trinkets and jewelry.  

KonMari also takes a controversial approach to books, it is a big proponent of getting rid of the ones you’re not reading! This creates tension in the literary community, as books are like their children; you don’t always want them around, but sometimes you do! Perhaps taking inventory is a good thing, I mean do you really need your Danielle Steel novel from the 80s? While the first edition of Little Women, on the other hand, is one you’ll want to keep!

Do you tend to have an excess of health and beauty aids? How many half-used bottles of shampoo and conditioner do you have? What about the sunscreen that’s expired? Go through all your products and pay attention to the expiration date. Most likely you’ll have products to toss just on that factor alone.

The kitchen is similar to the other spaces in your home. Keep everything out of sight. This means storing things in cabinets and bins, even the toaster and kettle…put it all away. Keep the countertops clear and be mindful of all the gadgets you collect.

We all have different tolerance levels for clutter, but the overall sentiment of KonMari is this: if you don’t love it, let it go! Lighten your load and clear your mind and surroundings with KonMari.

KonMari is the perfect method to apply when downsizing or trying to purge for your new apartment move!

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