There aren’t many places in the US hotter than Houston right now. The city is growing by leaps and bounds. Some neighborhoods are naturally more desirable than others.

Here is a list of some of the hottest places to live in Houston and some of the reasons why:


Houston Galleria Mall Walkway Sign

This neighborhood boasts Texas’ largest shopping mall and over 700 retailers. This is a great district for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of a great shopping district. The Galleria has more than 375 stores, two hotels and an ice rink. Average rents in the neighborhood is a reasonable $1203. In Houston, where rents have been going up, the Uptown/Galleria neighborhood has held its own in being reasonably priced. This is a great neighborhood for renters who like to always have places to get out and walk around. There are lots of locally owned stores alongside national chains and franchise restaurants so you can keep the feel of Texas.


Houston Midtown Sign

If it’s a vibrant nightlife you’re looking for, Midtown is the right neighborhood. This is place filled with bars and music and young people. But it’s not just bars and parties, Midtown is filled with arts. MATCH (Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston), the Houston Fire Museum, and the Ensemble Theater all fill this neighborhood with dancing and arts. Places like the Trolley Pub, a pedal-powered pub crawl, and the Solaro Urban Winery are distinctive attractions belonging only to this exciting district. The average rent in Midtown is about $1589, but with a couple of new developments, there are some great deals still able to be found.


Houston Montrose Are Building

Eclectic. That’s the best way to describe the Montrose/Neartown neighborhood. Everything from tattoo parlors to quiet coffee shops, retro theaters to thrift shop after thrift shop on Westheimer Rd., Montrose is a place that has been distinctive since the beginning of the 1900’s. Stop by places like the Aurora Picture Show, a non-profit microcinema, BooTown, a theater group, and the Printing Museum, celebrating the free press and the machines that make it. The average rent in the Montrose neighborhood is $1575 per month, but there are lots of odd little spaces to live in if you’re willing to search around.

River Oaks

The Center of River Oaks at night

Located between The Galleria and Montrose is the River Oaks District. This is a luxurious place filled with food, activities and some of Houston’s most beautiful, large homes. The River Oaks Theatre was built in 1939 and reflects a sense of history, showing independent and foreign films. This is a district filled with great places to eat, things to do and much more. The average rent in River Oaks is about $1511 per month. Not a bad price to live in a part of town that mixes the feel of new money with a traditional arts and shopping, and even a smattering of quirky local shops.

Upper Kirby

Upper Kirby Red Telephone Booth

Located right in the heart of some of Houston’s most historic residential neighborhoods, Upper Kirby has a quiet and classy luxury all its own. There are lots of spas and salons to help you look your best and feel your best. urbanCHEF is there to provide you with a cooking classes and more. The neighborhood is exemplified by the West Ave project, an area that includes some outstanding restaurants and fine boutiques. Classy enough for those who don’t work, Upper Kirby is still affordable enough for the working class to live and play. The average rent in Upper Kirby is about $1500 per month, but some of its older buildings can be had for much less without sacrificing style or beauty.

These are some the nicest neighborhoods in one of America’s fastest growing and most dynamic cities. Any of these neighborhoods and a dozen others in and around Houston are perfect for renters at every stage in life. To receive a custom list of apartments, no cost to you, fill out our online search form!