Qualification Guidelines:
All applicants must add “Marcus Cruz, HOU Apartment Locators” as the referral on both application and guest card (if there is not a guest card to fill out, you must inform the leasing agent that you worked with a locator).
Take a picture (on your cell phone) of the lease agreement where you listed Marcus Cruz, HOU Apartment Locator and email it to marcuslocator@gmail.com or text it to (832) 777-2020 to verify with us that it was complete.
A lease term of twelve months or longer must be signed.
The rent amount per month must be equal to or greater than $600 a month.
Commission rate paid by the apartment must be at least 50% the rent amount
Fill out the rebate form within 30 days after you move in.

‚ÄčTerms and Disclaimers:

Our clients are provided free apartment finding assistance from one of our licensed apartment locators. HOU Apartment Locator receives a referral fee if our customer leases at a participating apartment community. Unlike other apartment locators, we use a portion of this referral fee to provide a rebate or move to our customer.

Most apartment communities do pay apartment-locating companies a locating fee but there are probably 25% of the apartment communities that do not. The apartment community you select must be a property that pays apartment locating company’s referral fees in order for our customers to receive a rebate (If you find a property on your own, contact your locator to see if it is a rebate qualifying property). If the property you select is a participating property, HOU Apartment Locators will issue all rebates upon receipt of the referral fee paid by the apartment community. We will pay one rebate per apartment unit. Multiple rebates intentionally submitted by occupants residing in the same apartment unit will forfeit their rebate.

If for any reason a property decides not to pay HOU Apartment Locators referral commission, this will constitute a retraction of our free move/rebate offer. If a property decides not to pay our referral commission for any reason (i.e. – if you break your lease, do not pay your rent, are evicted, etc.), then you are not subject to receive your rebate.

To receive the rebate, renter(s) must meet all qualifications. Renters who do not follow instructions, disclaimers, and rules will not qualify for a rebate.

If renter has lived in the same property previously, renter does not qualify for the rebate. If renter transfers or moves to a related property, renter does not qualify for the rebate.

Rebate amount varies depending on rent amount (per month) :
$600-$800, you will receive $50 rebate
$801-$999, you will receive $75 rebate
$1,000-$1,499, you will receive $100 rebate
$1,500-$1,999, you will receive $150 rebate
$2000+, you will receive $200 rebate

Operated by Texas licensed real estate agents. Texas Real Estate Commission Broker license number 9003667. Any rebate offer is subject to the consent of the principals our Texas licensed real estate agents represent.

Any questions regarding this rebate policy should be sent via e-mail to marcuslocator@gmail.com