1. When You Have a Red Door, but Can’t Paint it Black!

    Even though you may be renting an apartment, decorating your space speaks to your personality and the things you love and deem important, so it’s important to cultivate an aesthetic to create the exact kind of environment you want to live in. Apartment living, however, can impart some strict rules…Read More

  2. How To Pick Roommates Who Won’t Destroy Your Life!

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  3. Apartment Lingo Made Clear

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  4. Why Is My Houston Apartment So Dusty?

    If you’re residing in Houston the weather is much more humid compared to other states, so you can’t blame your dust problems on the dry weather, and before you comb through the Houston rental listings looking for a new place that isn’t such a dust trap, take our considerations on the best way …Read More

  5. The Best Rainy Day Retreats: Apartment Living

    The old adage exclaims “April showers, bring May flowers,” and nothing is more fitting than a Houston rain storm that brings torrential precipitation leaving the only choice of hunkering down spending your afternoon indoors. Imagine the lovely grey covering, that illuminates greens, with everyth…Read More

  6. Why Houston Apartments Are a Great Fit for Digital Nomads

    While the digital nomad life isn’t for the faint of heart — nor is it gladly recognized as a suitable career choice by your parents — but if your spirit lies in adventure and evades home mortgages, cubicles with office politics, and car payments life on the move fits you like a second skin. If…Read More

  7. Nightlife In Houston

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  8. Why Houston Is the Best Place to Beckon Your Inner Carrie Bradshaw

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  9. Sitting on the cornhole game in the courtyard at Jefferson Heights apartment

    December 5 – Jefferson Heights – Montrose Apartments

    If you are looking for a new luxury apartment, built in 2016, with a great view of Downtown Houston's skyline and low prices, this is the property for you! Not only do you get the benefit of the precious view of Downtown, living here puts you walking distance to Memorial Park and running/biking trai…Read More

  10. How Houston Rent Compares To Other Metro Areas

    The average rent in Houston is $1,249 per month, and it is expected that rent rates will continue to rise in the area 4.9 percent every year. If you’re looking for local apartments for rent in Houston, see how rental costs compare to other metro cities in Texas and in other states. Houston vs Dall…Read More