1. The Apartment With the Spa

    Do you melt into luxurious and sensual things where everything in your space is personalized and no small detail is spared? If you’re accustomed to apartment living, you know you can’t always choose what your bathroom is going to be like. It may be beautiful and up-to-date, or you may have to pu…Read More

  2. Apartment Hunting? Find The Best Tips Here

    Being on the hunt — the apartment hunt — can resemble a full-time job. You have a host of criteria that need to be fulfilled, yet you still want to be mindful with your money. When you allow yourself a little extra time and breathing room before making the transition from one place to the next, …Read More

  3. How To Prepare For a Hurricane In An Apartment Building

    Though hurricane season is technically over — in Texas hurricane season is June 1 through November 30 — it’s always a great time to refresh your knowledge after the devastation we saw this past September. If you’re looking for apartments to rent in Houston and are new to the area, these hurr…Read More

  4. Looking at myself in the butterfly system

    December 9 – Alexan Yale Street – Houston Heights

    Houston Heights apartments just minutes away from Downtown/Midtown areas, fine dining, entertainment venues and much more. This is a newer property with cool systems to keep you secure and to add convenience to your life. I really liked both the butterfly system and package concierge system. The but…Read More

  5. Sitting on a star at the Star Apartments

    December 7 – The Star – Downtown Houston

    The Star is located dead smack in the middle of Downtown Houston. This property is for those who love the convenience of living the luxury, city life. The property is so new, the whole building is not yet complete. You'll be the first to live in the unit you lease. Only downside is that the amenitie…Read More

  6. Sitting on the cornhole game in the courtyard at Jefferson Heights apartment

    December 5 – Jefferson Heights – Montrose Apartments

    If you are looking for a new luxury apartment, built in 2016, with a great view of Downtown Houston's skyline and low prices, this is the property for you! Not only do you get the benefit of the precious view of Downtown, living here puts you walking distance to Memorial Park and running/biking trai…Read More

  7. What are the benefits of using an apartment locator?

    1. You Will Have Access to Information on Almost Every Property in the Houston Area​​ Locators have access to a database loaded with information on each and every apartment that they will share with you. Information such as property name, phone number, address, pictures, floor plan sketch, appro…Read More