Relocating to a new place can be a great time to welcome change, but jumping through the hoops of packing up and moving along with the task of browsing through rental listings and finding a local apartment to rent can be daunting. When you think of Houston, an active outdoor community probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but you’ll soon find out, Houston has much to offer for the active, outdoor enthusiast!

If you’re relocating to Houston from Boulder, you’ll likely notice one major difference — the elevation change! While Boulder sits a little over a mile high (5,280 feet in elevation) Houston dramatically drops to 125 feet! What this means for the outdoor enthusiast is while you struggled to get up Bear Mountain in Boulder, you’ll likely you’ll be able fly over all of the rolling hills in Houston — working out will feel like a breeze.

Adventures in Houston

If you’re a typical gym rat, you can hit up local Houston gyms such as The Gym and Studio Fitness in The Heights. But, if you love to get out and explore new activities and new ways to move, Houston has many things to draw you in to your new city.

  • Climbing – If you love functional movement and getting in a workout without even realizing it, rock climbing is a great activity. In climbing you’ll be able to work on your upper and lower body strength, in addition to gaining increased flexibility. Enjoy climbing indoors at Texas Rock Gym which has 42 rope stations and a bouldering area, or make a short trek to Austin and enjoy Monster Rock and Reimers Ranch.
  • Water sports – Enjoy Houston’s beautiful weather and sharpen up on your wakeboarding skills. At Wave Action, this one-of-a-kind activity allows people to wakeboard, water skate, water ski, and kneeboard without a boat! How are these activities possible without a boat? Set over a man-made lake there are 35-foot steel towers with a series of cable systems. This is perfect for the novice to tink around in the practice pond or if you’re a pro you can take to the custom built jumps, grind rails, and sliders. For more of a relaxed vibe, paddle board Brooks Lake or relax with a glass of wine on Horsepen Creek.
  • Skateparks – Cruise the wide and vast riding bowls and grinding rails at the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark. This in-ground skatepark is work-class and you will thoroughly enjoy cutting through the largest cradle in the world!
  • It wouldn’t be Texas without a shooting range! – If you love shooting clays with a shotgun simulating birds in their natural habitat, George Bush Park in west Houston does just that! Enjoy the outdoors and soaking up some vitamin D while brushing up on your shooting skills.
  • Paintball – If you’re up for some healthy competition while building strong cardio from running, ducking, and dodging paintballs, this high-energy activity will suit you. Check out Urban Warzone for the adrenaline workout you dream of.

When you relocate to Houston, your activities may change and become more creative, but Houston offers a wide variety of things to try. So, pack up and set out for Houston and make finding a new place a breeze with updated rental listings for local apartments.

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