Aprtments aren’t typically known for their vast, open spaces. As you’ve combed your way through the rental listings and toured many properties, you know finding a suitable apartment is a job, in and of itself. So, if you’ve found yourself in a stylish, albeit, petite space, find out how to maximize the area (shoe box) you’re in.

Small space, big hacks

Turn to boxes

Boxes of all shapes and forms will help keep your space organized and clutter-free. Implement a coffee table that is also a decorative trunk, and store all kinds of treasures inside, from blankets and electronics, to board games and booze.

If you’re relatively handy, turn an enclosed end table into a litter box for your cat. All that is required is a small opening cut in the back that your cat can access.

Bins, not quite a box (!), are very useful for storing random things (clutter) that don’t quite have a home. Store incense or craft supplies in bins, and tuck them neatly away on a shelf.

Keep yourself on the hook

In a small space, hooks can be the magical hardware that solve all your problems. Attach hooks to your countertops or cabinets to hold mugs and utensils, or in your bathroom for additional space to hang bath products or towels.

Some stores sell coat racks with hooks, and this can be used of course for coats, but also for your at-home exercise equipment such as a jump rope and bands. Also try repurposing the coat rack to a shoe rack, and mount it a couple feet from the floor. This is a nice way to keep your floor clean and clutter free.

Rethink shelves

If your bedroom or living spaces are tiny, try mounting a floating shelf on the wall. These types of shelves are particularly handy when you don’t have space for a coffee table or nightstand.

The pitfall of paper

Paper products such as paper towels and toilet paper take up an egregious amount of room, but let’s be honest, we need to supersize for savings! To keep your paper products from that one closet of doom where everything is shoved, repurpose a wine rack. Mount a wine rack in your bathroom or kitchen and store your products! You can also roll up terry cloth hand towels, for an extra special touch.

Stackable furniture

When you have a small space, furniture often is repurposed from one living space to another; your dining room chairs are also extra seating for the living room, which is also seating for your workspace. If you’re using multiple chairs, invest in stackable chairs. When the seating is not being repurposed, stack them up and put them in the corner.  

Find your tiny apartment today!

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