While the digital nomad life isn’t for the faint of heart — nor is it gladly recognized as a suitable career choice by your parents — but if your spirit lies in adventure and evades home mortgages, cubicles with office politics, and car payments life on the move fits you like a second skin.

If you’re a digital nomad and are curious about how apartment life might complement your lifestyle, follow along! For more information about beginning your apartment search, use the Houston apartment locator service at Apartment Locator Online!

But First, What Exactly Is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad has taken their work life on the road as they’ve scrapped the traditional 9 to 5 grind and welcomed a life traveling from one place to another, setting up shop wherever they land. Generally, these types of positions are occupied by people who can work for a company remotely or are in freelance positions.

Why a Digital Nomad?

Being a nomad gives you the freedom to travel the world and experience cultures and meet people while having unforgettable experiences! A good saying that compliments the nomad lifestyle is “people will choose unhappiness for uncertainty.”

How to Have an Amalgamation of the Digital Nomad Life and a Home Base

It’s true, you can have both. While many digital nomads love the journey and new adventures that the job requires, it also comes with some latent truths. Below are the real struggles a digital nomad.

Relationships are temporary – Living life out of suitcases can be very isolating. You may meet people only to say goodbye a week or so later, so finding and building a community or lasting relationship is very few and far between.

Income is temporary – While there is freedom in traveling and setting up your office beachside, the ebb and flow of business or jobs may be inconsistent and likely temporary.

You can become burnt out – Sometimes you just want to do laundry in a proper laundry room and not in a hotel sink, which it’s needless to say that the road can burn you out. Maybe you want to pet or a stable relationship, the road makes both of those scenarios almost next to impossible.

So, how can you have both life on the road and some sense of stability? Apartment living of course.

How Rental Listings Will Merge Your Nomad Life

The beauty of apartment living is leases are commonly available for six months to a year in contract, and the option to sublease in a big city such as Houston is a possibility as well.

It tames the nomad life a bit – An apartment doesn’t require a mortgage and you can still work from home. It tames the travel a bit, but only year-by-year. Choose the cities you’ve dreamed of living in, and commit for a year, and if you decide to stay stateside, you can maintain a relationship and a furry companion!

You’ll have reliable internet – When you’re working abroad, finding a reliable internet connection can be extremely difficult. When you rent an apartment, you have an internet connection that dreams are made of! This way you can work and not lose out on any income.

You can build a community – When you’re in a location longer than a week or two, you can begin to build a community. Having strong relationships and people around helps us get through life and all the failure and successes it brings. It’s great to share in both and it will make going out on the town more fun!


Skipping to the meat of the matter, we explored that a digital nomad is someone who travels and works remotely basking in the freedom of travel and a desired location. It does, however, make relationships and income more temporary, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re burnt out. That is why living the apartment life is desirable — you can begin to set up roots and find a pet, you’ll always have reliable internet, and you can build a deliciously strong community!

Are You Ready For Apartment Living?

If you’re ready to trade in your backpack for a closet and passport for a driver’s license but not quite ready for a mortgage or 9 to 5 job, hit up a Houston apartment locator such as Apartment Locator Online, and begin sifting through the apartment rental listings!