We all know her. We all love her. We all owe our justification for a fresh pair of Manolo Blahniks to her. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex And The City. Sure, she is a fictional character, but the monologues she declared every week spoke to the generation. As Carrie lived an independent, single life in New York City exploring herself through writing, romantic trysts, #squadgoals with her gal pals Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, and — of course — fashion, she hit a vein in retrospective analysis in the stereotypical relationships women face.

Carrie took on New York City in the borough of Manhattan in a tiny brownstone on the Upper East Side. She visits all the local NYC haunts, with her fair share of coffee shops, bars, and swanky restaurants where you need to know somebody who knows somebody!

So, where then, does Houston fit it? Carrie made space and changed the narrative that a woman was supposed to hit cultural milestones by a certain age. A women should be married by 30, buy a house, and have a baby — all while falling into the Alice in Wonderland spirals to her family and husband. Carrie fought back. So beckon the familiar Carrie, and create your own story in Houston (cue Sex And The City theme song).

Carrie-Approved Houston Neighborhoods

  • Downtown – Downtown is the where the city of Houston comes alive. Find an apartment downtown and you’ll find a vibrant city of high rises, shops, and restaurants. Take a look at luxury living in the Star Apartments complete with a screening room, state-of-the-art gym with wall-to-wall windows overlooking the city, social lounge, 24-hour concierge, heated resort-style pool, climate-controlled storage for your wine, a rooftop sky terrace, and on-site golf simulator. If you have a Aleksandr Petrovsky artist type on your radar — Carrie’s beau in the sixth season — take a walk to local art galleries such as Epperson, City Love, and the various sculptures fixed around the city.
  • Midtown – In Midtown, rental listings offer a whole perspective to the city. Partake in the nightlife, catch a game, visit Hermann park, or get nerdy in the museum district! If you love Pho or Vietnamese food, the Camden Travis Street apartments are within walking distance! Or, if you’re relocating to work for the Adamo & Adamo Law Firm, the Calais Midtown apartments are in the neighborhood! Midtown is also a very walkable, sustainable community with thriving arts and has recently been recognized for its excellence in city design and implementation. If you’re looking for a free class or outing, try a Teach You Tuesday and learn how to breakdance or join a Midtown In Motion class offering yoga and HIIT.

Whether you choose Downtown or Midtown, both Houston locations will help you foster your inner Carrie in creating an independent life with future many stories to share!

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